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OnlyFans CEO Blames Porn Ban on 'Unfair Actions' of Banks, Media

According to Tim Stokely, OnlyFans would continue hosting porn if not for banks that have tried to clamp down on payments connected to sex workers.

By Michael Kan

Battlefield 2042 Cheats Are Being Sold 2 Months Before the Game Launches

Aimbots, cheat radar, and extra sensory perception (ESP) cheats are all available.

By Matthew Humphries Readers' Choice - Smart Home Devices and Smart Gym Equipment Survey: Sweepstakes Rules

Rate your various smart home devices and your main home gym equipment and you'll be eligible to win our survey sweepstakes. Full rules below.

Facebook Is Testing Voice and Video Calling From Its Main App

Stop switching between Facebook and Messenger to make calls.

By Stephanie Mlot

After Recall, New Peloton Tread Goes on Sale Aug. 30 for $2,495

Sales were delayed amid Peloton’s decision in May to recall the treadmill's more expensive sibling, the Tread+, for causing injuries to small children. 

By Michael Kan

Google Play Store to Start Showing Country-Specific App Ratings

The ratings will also be specific to the device being used—tablets, Chromebooks, Wear OS, or Auto.

By Matthew Humphries

Google Meet Starts Telling Users if Their Voice Echoes During a Call

Until now, the only way to know was by others on a video call telling you.

By Matthew Humphries

T-Mobile Offers Some Customers a Free Year of Apple TV+

Magenta and Magenta Max subscribers can stream ad-free for 12 months.

By Stephanie Mlot

This Is the Tech That Companies Need for Remote Work

Check out the latest IT study from our sister site, Spiceworks Ziff Davis. This one covers remote work from A to Z, including exactly the kind of technology your company will need for hybrid work.

By Oliver Rist

UpGuard Discovers 38M Records Leaked From 1,000-Plus Misconfigured Web Apps

UpGuard discovers records containing people's names, contact information, and COVID-19 tracing data that were leaked via misconfigured sites running Microsoft Power Apps.

By Nathaniel Mott

Apple Employees Organizing to Document Stories of Discrimination at the Company

The group is organizing under the so-called 'Apple Too' name.

By Michael Kan

Analyst: Chipset Shortage Now Affects 'Everybody But Apple'

US stores are reporting shortages of Samsung and OnePlus phones, but there are plenty of iPhones to go around.

By Sascha Segan

Want Admin Privileges on Windows 10? Just Plug in a Razer Keyboard or Mouse

After a security researcher went public about the vulnerability, Razer says a fix is in progress.

By Matthew Humphries

Intel's New Foundry Business Lands Department of Defense Contract

The goal is to build leading-edge silicon using the company’s upcoming 'Intel18A' chip manufacturing process.

By Michael Kan

Bruce Willis Deepfake to Star in Russian TV Ads

The ads are for the mobile network MegaFon and real Bruce Willis is being well-compensated.

By Matthew Humphries

The Real Remote Work MVPs: 5 Tools Your Company Needs

The tools you'll want to help employees succeed with remote collaboration.

Demand for SpaceX's Starlink Satellite Internet Pushes Wait Times to 2023

In many places, SpaceX's satellite broadband network won't arrive until next year. But according to the Starlink website, one town in northern Virginia may not be getting the service until 2023 or later.

By Michael Kan

Miniature Simpsons TV Created Using 3D Printing and a Raspberry Pi Zero

Eleven seasons of The Simpsons are stored on a 32GB SD card and play at random.

By Matthew Humphries

Readers' Choice 2021: Printers

We spend our lives staring at screens, but sometimes we still need to see our documents and photos on paper. These printer brands deliver the best in quality, reliability, and affordability, according to PCMag readers.

By Ben Gottesman

Business Choice 2021: Printers

Whether your workspace is in a garage, a skyscraper, or something in between, it likely requires a printer. The brand that PCMag business-focused readers prefer suits every office location.

By Eric Griffith